To celebrate the Chinese New Year, HomeExchange takes you on a trip to Asia this week! When we think about traveling we also think about discovering new and exotic cuisine.

Here is a small preview of the multiple dishes and specialties that you can taste across the wonderful continent that is Asia.

Japanese and Thai recipes

Recettes japonaise et thaïlandaise

In Japan, gastronomy is considered as an art. The various recipes of sushi, maki or yakitori are based on “the harmony between Man and himself and with Nature”. The core element of Japanese cuisine is fresh ingredients, as each product can only be used in the proper season of the year. A traditional meal is usually composed of 3 to 5 dishes with fresh vegetables, fishes and seafood. On the side, a bowl of rice is served with a soup.

In Thailand, traditional meals include 5 dishes and rice on the side. Beef, chicken, fishes or vegetables are always served with a spicy dressing. The originality of Thai cuisine lays in the spices that are added to the dishes: red and green curry, mint, coriander, lemon grass or red basil.

Korean and Vietnamese recipes

Recettes coréenne et vietnamienne

Korea is well known for the variety and the quality of its cuisine. Korean recipes often involve lots of pepper and garlic, as well as a great variety of vegetables, seafood and spices. As in Japan, all the dishes are served with a bowl of rice and a soup on the side.

Vietnamese recipes are similar to those of its Cambodian, Laotian and Thai neighbors. They are based on steamed sticky rice served with typical vegetables, meat or fish. An interesting feature of Vietnamese cuisine is that all vegetables and meats are cooked without fat.

Don’t hesitate to check out our members in Japan, in Thailand, in Korea, in Vietnam. They will be happy to make you discover much more of the local cuisine!

See you soon on HomeExchange and bon appétit! 🙂

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