The well-being of families on HomeExchange is at the heart of our concerns. This is why
we have chosen to dedicate one of our blogs to the children!

Despite their young age, a child already has desires and preferences! While traveling, children will feel much more comfortable at a place that reminds them of home.

To help you easily find accommodation suitable for babies, young children or teenagers,HomeExchange has groups dedicated specifically to these needs:

Families with babies

Families with young children

Families with lots of children

Families with teenagers

We didn’t forget about the older children!

Through these groups, you can connect with families whose homes have everything you need for your children to feel comfortable during their stay: rooms with toys, books, video games or even a baby toilet.

Our argument that children prefer home exchanges rather than going to a hotel for the holidays:

  • You don’t have to worry about making noise
  • There will be toys!
  • The bed is the perfect size
  • There are DVDs for children
  • Another child’s room may create new ideas for their own room
  • You can make new friends

Here is a selection of ourmembers that have child friendly homes onGuesToGuest:

Mattia's home - Rome - ItalyMattia’s home – Rome – Italy
Giovanni's home - Geneva - SwitzerlandGiovanni’s home – Geneva – Switzerland
Neus' home - Barcelona - SpainNeus’ home – Barcelona – Spain
Arjen & Mirjam's home - Arnhem - NetherlandsArjen & Mirjam’s home – Arnhem – Netherlands
Hector's home - San Juan - Puerto RicoHector’s home – San Juan – Puerto Rico
Stéphane's home - Paris - FranceStéphane’s home – Paris – France
Peter's home - Copenhagen - DenmarkPeter’s home – Copenhagen – Denmark

There are many more homes like this on HomeExchange. All you have to do is sign up and check them out.

What are the advantages for the parents?

By exchanging with families that have children the same age as yours, you will enjoy many benefits:

  • No need to travel with a folding bed for the baby
  • Or with a stroller
  • High chairs will be available
  • Car seats for the car
  • Compared to a hotel, the kids will have their own room, which means more privacy for the parents 🙂
  • And most importantly, safety (blocked stairs, no dangerous objects within reach, etc.)

In addition, families are much more understanding of kids!

So this summer, think about your children and find the perfect home for them!

Bon voyage and see you soon on HomeExchange!

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