Carvnials to check out

Its February and that means the carnivals are here! That´s why here, at HomeExchange, we dedicate an article of this blog to this world wide famous party: from Rio de Janeiro´s Carnival to the Venice´s one we can find all kind of carnival ready to make us enjoy with an explosion of colors!

Here it is our selection, our top 5 of carnivals all around the world. The best thing is that you can enjoy of all for free! How? Staying at one of our member´s house in Venice, Rio, London, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, New Orleans or Veracruz.


Venice´s Carnival was introduced in the 13th Century by the highest class of the hierarchy to be able to mingle with the common people.

This tradition is what nowadays we know as Venice Carnival: people wear costumes of a wide variety of traditional characters (the plague doctor, the dark lady etc.) and overwhelm the streets until the beginning of the Lent (forty days before Easter).

Venice´s CarnivalVenice´s traditional mask


Floats, spangles, music and specially: SAMBA! make the Rio´s Carnival the most famous one, the reference of the Carnivals all around the world. Thousands of people from everywhere spend this days enjoying the “Sambadrome”.



This Carnival is considered as the second in terms of international consideration. Each year there is a new theme: the magic, the 60´s… In 2015 the theme was the future. Also, a Queen is chosen after a huge catwalk with a lot of music and impressive dresses.



Mardi Gras is the name of an other of the most famous and funniest Carnivals in the world. During 2 weeks there take place parades that get together people with costumes and a big motivation for having fun. And why that name? Because the objective is to enjoy the pleasures of food before the Lent.

nueva-orleansMardi Grass Parade


This Carnival is considered as the “happiest of the world”. Beginning with the “quema del mal humor” or the burning of bad mood and ending with the burial of “Juan Carnival” the Carnival has everything we need to spend an amazing week: floats, queens and costumes.

veracruz-1The happiest carnival!

What do you think about our selection? Do you think that this 5 carnivals are the best ones? For us it has been difficult to choose just 5 all around the world! Let us know your thoughts at

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