HomeExchange changes its deposit system.

The host is protected, as he has always been, and the guest doesn’t need to advance the money for the deposit. How do we do it? We charge the the deposit 15 days after the end of the stay. This way, the payment is accepted by the guest when the exchange is organized and the host is protected. The guest will only be charged for the deposit in case of disagreement with the host.

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100% of the deposits returned to the guests

Since HomeExchange was created, the deposit has become the essential tool to feel safe when exchanging your home. 70% of the exchanges on the website are made with a deposit. It has become quickly an excellent way to lend you home with complete confidence.

Did you know?

Since we began operating in 2011, 100% of the deposits were returned to the guests. To be more specific, 98% of the deposits have been entirely returned and 2% partially. The average compensation for the remaining 2% is 50€. The deposit is therefore a very reassuring system for the host. This demonstrates that our guests are very respectful of the homes of their hosts and that the deposit protects against small incidents from the daily life (broken coffee maker, glasses…).

What’s new?

We were looking for a long time for a way to guarantee a compensation to the host while knowing that being charged for the deposit at the beginning of the exchange creates a real problem for the guests.

We are happy to announce you that we have found a solution to enable a compensation for the host without the guest being obliged to advance the money for the deposit.

Like before, at the payment, the guest agrees to pay the commission and the deposit. He is then charged for the commission when the host accepts the invitation request. However, he will only be charged for the deposit 15 days after the end of his stay.

This way, if the host and the guest reach an agreement within 15 days, the deposit charge is cancelled. This means that with this system, since HomeExchange was created, we would NEVER have charged any deposit.

What doesn’t change about the deposit system

The choice to require a deposit

The host is the only one to decide if he requires a deposit or not. HomeExchange absolutely doesn’t take part in that choice.

You define the amount of the deposit

HomeExchange automatically calculates the deposit when you complete the description of your home. You are free to change it manually whenever you want. You can also change it or remove it according to the discussion with your guest.

As long as the host doesn’t accept the invitation request, nothing happens

Like before, you send the invitation request to your host. You will not be charged for either the GuestPoints or the commission. The promise to pay the deposit is not registered yet.

Therefore, if your host doesn’t accept the invitation request, everything is cancelled.

The commission is still the same

The commission is still the same. HomeExchange takes a fee of 3.5% of the value of the deposit. You will only be charged for the commission when your host will accept the invitation request.

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