For HomeExchange’s United States special week, that you can follow on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+, come discover 10 amazing American cities! On the East Coast or the West Coast, in the country or on the islands, enjoy this wonderful American trip and discover the most important American cities! If you wish to discover what the American Dream is, this article is for you !

New York, the city that never sleeps


The city that never sleeps… New York is the favorite destination of foreigners coming to visit the USA. The Big Apple has been a city of hope for all the immigrants that came for many centuries, making it the world”s most cosmopolitan city!
But New York City is not just about the Statue of liberty, the Empire State Building or Central Park.. Come and enjoy its incredible nightlife, its cultural vitality (exhibitions, concerts, musicals) and its magnificent architecture.

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Washington, the American Capital city


Administration and politics are obviously at the heart of the American Capital city. After visiting the neighbourhood of the White House, the Capitole or the Supreme Court, you can discover many other aspects of this big city. Washington is a very green city with a lot of parks to go for a walk. You can also enjoy the many museums that this city hosts, such as the National Gallery of Arts.

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Los Angeles, the home to Hollywood

los angeles

While New York is famous for the height of its sky-scrappers, Los Angeles is the largest city of the United States. LA is famous all across the world for its movie studios of Hollywood and for being the heart of the Californian way of life. Yet Los Angeles is also a perfect starting point to visit California, enjoy its pleasant climate and its exceptional nature (Yosemite Park, Death Valley…).

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Chicago and its amazing architecture


World Capital of modern architecture (its architecture inspired those of most major American cities), Chicago has changed its image of crime-ridden city. Located on Lake Michigan, Chicago is a very pleasant place to live, and you can visit it easily by foot even though it is said to have the best public transportation of the United States 🙂

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Las Vegas and its unique nightlife


Las Vegas is the city of gambling and entertainment. Located in the middle of the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas never sleeps. The tourist come to gamble in one of the many Casinos of the city (The Bellagio and The Mirage are among the best-known), to party or even to get married !

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San Diego’s pleasant climate


San Diego is located 200 miles south of Los Angeles. It is the las major city of the Californian coast before reaching Mexico. Founded in 1769, it is also one of the oldest cities of the American Pacific coast. San Diego has a very pleasant climate and is a perfect stop for a day or two on the road to Mexico.

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Miami and its Caribbean beaches


Miami’s beaches have superb transparent waters that remind us that the Caribbean are only a few hundred kilometers away. Its Latino culture, due to its proximity to Cuba and Mexico, is one of the aspects that make this city so lively. Above all, Miami is a city of party and seaside Tourism. Many tourist also come every year to visit Florida and its numerous entertainment parks

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Hawaii for unforgettable holidays


Hawaii… this exotic name makes us immediately think of paradise beaches, surf and coconut trees. Volcanic island with a tropical vegetation, Hawaii is the perfect destination for seaside tourism and wonderful landscapes at the same time. Despite its long distance from the rest of the country, Hawaii attracts millions of people every year, looking for a little paradise!

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Alaska, the preserved land


This immense region located between Canada and Russia has landscapes of astonishing beauty. Its gigantic mountains, magnificent forests and glaciers make it the ideal destination for alpinism and hiking. These wonderful and preserved landscapes are the home of hundred of thousands of bears and Grizzlis, and only one million Americans 🙂

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