Every city in the world, and especially in Europe, is thriving with rich culture and traditions that every tourist or traveller is keen to discover.

While much of this can be learned from wandering the streets and soaking up the atmosphere, there is a part of every culture that is appreciated to the utmost in the museums and in the various exhibitions that take place in various locations throughout the cities.

So, if you are planning a trip to one of these cities in Europe, look no further as we have brought you a list of just five of the many art exhibitions happening around Europe at the moment, and some even rolling into the beginning of next year. These are not to be missed …

National Galleries – Roy Lichtenstein (Edinburgh)


A special three-rooms display is dedicated to the works of the famous American artist Roy Lichtenstein, in the National Galleries in Edinburgh. With admission totally free, this artistic experience would make for a great addition to your weekend away in one of Scotland’s most popular cities. The exhibition runs until January 2016 and is all thanks to the generosity of the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation.

Louisiana – Afrika (Copenhagen)

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Louisiana is one of the most visited museums in the city of Copenhagen, and the Afrika exhibit which runs until the end of October 2015, is sure to attract many more visitors. This one-of-a-kind exhibition focuses on architecture, art and culture from the African continent and really gives us Europeans an idea about the diversity and complexity of Africa and Sahara. Previous similar exhibitions covered the Nordic and Arab races, and now Africa sees the third installment.

Gemaldegalerie – The Botticelli Renaissance (Berlin)

HomeExchange is a home exchange network that allows people to travel for free.

While including many of Botticelli’s own work, this exhibition aims to showcase how the artist and hs work became today’s icon of pop art. Therefore, there are hundreds of other artists’ work in the exhibition which are shown and a modern atmosphere is created. Berlin is always a favourite destination among tourists, and with this exhibition known to be one of the best of 2015, is there a need to think twice about visiting Berlin? The exhibition ends in January 2016.

El Museo de Arte Thyssen – Edvard Munch Archetypes (Madrid)


One of the parts of Madrid’s “Golden Triangle” always promises memorable exhibitions, and this year is no different. Teaming up with the Munch Museum in Oslo, the work of the famous Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. Organised by theme, one could spend the best part of a day discovering the famous works and appreciating the “existential obsessions”. Madrid is great at any time of the year, and this exhibition is on until January 2016.

Musee du Quai Branly – Tatoueurs, tatoues (Paris)


Tattoos were not always as popular as they are today, and this exhibition in Paris seeks to understand their origins and what purpose or meaning they aim to have. Held in the Musee Quai Branly, this exhibition entitled “Tatoueurs, tatoues” is a bit out of the ordinary but definitely worth the trip, and its in Paris so what more could you want? The exhibition runs until the middle of October – so get booking that trip to Paris before its too late!

Hopefully some of these may have enticed you to book that flight ticket and take a weekend trip to one of these amazing cities … just because summer is over doesnt mean we cant take a well-earned break!

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