With the new holiday season in swing, many of you may wish to travel once again with friends and family.

If you’re still looking for ways to lower travel expenses, I would encourage you to consider home exchange. Exchanging your home with another family for the holiday’s can present you with more flexibility and convenience, especially when traveling with young children. If perhaps you are younger, take advantage of our GuestPoint’s system to go on a non-reciprocal exchange in the location of your dreams.
Free home exchange La maison de Genevieve

Over the summer, we launched an instant chat portal with Howtank on our website. The chat community is powered by our experienced members who wish to share their expertise with new members. With our chat community growing, we decided to feature our Howtank ambassadors to share their home exchange stories and why HomeExchange is first in their travel plans!


Etienne joined the Howtank community to spread the spirit of home exchange in hopes of creating an even larger network, with more members and more destinations. He has been a member of HomeExchange since February and joined in search of more options for his family of three. His first exchange took him to Spain, which he stated was impossible to find someone willing stay at his home during a cold winter in northern France. However, his trip was made possible with GuestPoints–where he exchanged points to stay at another member’s home while they were away.

The idea of being able to escape the cold in exchange for a beautiful sunny gettaway in Spain proved to him that HomeExchange was a “revolutionary” concept, and needed to be used by all. Now a veteran home exchanger, Etienne has taken his family of three to Copenhagen, Milan and even hosted in between to accumulate more GuestPoints for future travel.

With plenty of friends made through home exchange, Etienne encourages his friends, family and even colleagues to give home exchange a try! When asked why he would reccommend HomeExchange, flexibility and free are the first words that come to mind. He believes that every member has the potential to organize their dream gettaway with HomeExchange, be it reciprocal or non-reciprocal. He states that other sites simply don’t allow you to find homes as easily and especially, all for free!

If you would like to give home exchange a try through HomeExchange, visit us here. With more than 160,000 homes in 180 countries, GuestToGuest hopes to make your next vacation possible.

With HomeExchange your home takes you away!

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