London is a top destination for many travelers, so HomeExchange gathered some tips and tricks from a local travel professional.

We partnered up with Clare, an experienced travel writer from the UK

“What can we see in London?” may seem a perfectly innocent and simple question on the surface. However, a little digital digging reveals a truckload of possibilities that could keep you busy for weeks! Sites such as Trip Republic, will leave you with never a dull moment.

It used to be that the mention of Big Ben, Madame Tussaud’s and the Changing of the Guards pretty much summed up the London touring experience, but times are a’changing! London tours have become highly specialized and can even be personalized to suit your most unique, wildest dreams.

Spoiled for choice? Enter: The London Pass, giving you access to Hop-on-off buses and free access to many of the most sought-after London attractions. Suffice it to mention 7 that will whet your wanderlust appetite and set you on your own journey of discovery.

1. Once Upon A Time

Dreamworks Tours presents Shrek’s Adventure Tour, available as part of the London Cluster Ticket, while Warner Bro’s Studios Tour London will keep you enchanted with The Making Of Harry Potter. Who knew Far Far Away was in London?

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2. Stranger Than Fiction and Comic Tragedy

The London Pass invites you to experience the acting abilities of Londoners in two very unconventional settings: The London Bridge Experience and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre Tour. If the comic tragedy of a Shakespearian drama, live actors and live musicians playing period instruments, is too tame for your taste, you may like to try something a little more bone-chilling. The London Bridge experience is exactly that! It includes live actors re-enacting deadly horrors and tour guides with a full arsenal of ghost stories locked and loaded! There is an age-appropriate version for younger tourists who may find the original too nightmarish.

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3. Hanging With The Gang

Staying with the underbelly of London society, but significantly later in history, we find the London Gangsters and Legends Tour, run by Trip Republic. A personal guide will lead you around the haunts of the 50’s and 60’s underworld scene, and that at a mere 24 Euros. So you won’t need to rob a bank to pay for the privilege!

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4. In Da Hood

If you like the real feel of being able to stroll the city like a local, then the London Urban Jungle Tour is for you. Open-air markets, graffiti, street art and street food are all part of the package. You will be shown around by one of the locals who might even teach you some of the lingo. Experience street culture up close and personal.

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5. One Lump or Two?

Should you be of a more sedate constitution, you might be more inclined to sign up for London’s Hampstead Heath With Cream Tea. Known as a neighborhood of choice for the rich and famous of London to settle, it is the ideal place to do some celebrity-spotting while you take a walk with one of the locals, and enjoy a spectacular view of the London skyline. And of course, end off a perfect day with a spot of tea. The tour can be 100% personalized, so you could even add the cucumber sandwiches…

6. Keeping Up With The Windsors

If the Royals and their everyday lives intrigue you, you will be thoroughly regaled by the London Royal Lifestyle: Then and Now Tour. This is where you will walk where royal feet have trod and learn the entire history of the British Royal Family, including, and I quote, “Tales of the monarchs from medieval to modern times”. A royal flush for any royals enthusiast.

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7. Staying With Tradition

Of course, if you are the die-hard traditional London tourist, you will not be disappointed either. Amusement can supply you with tour packages like Tower of London plus Crown Jewels and Yeoman Warder Tour. A long-serving British Military man in full Beefeater attire will bedazzle you with the treasures of the British Royal Family.

And once your extensive experience of London’s rich heritage is done, what better way to top it off than a Thames River Dinner Cruise aboard the ‘Harmony’ or the ‘Symphony’? It’s enough to make anyone wax lyrical.

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Clare is a freelance travel writer, originally from the UK. Publishing for some of the top travel websites around the world, writing about everything from hidden gems to luxury hangouts all over the world, Clare is currently writing for Overseas Attractions and wanted to share her tips with the GuestToGuest community.

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