If you stumbled upon this article you are probably already interested in home exchange or maybe you just need to understand the gravity of how much you will actually be saving. Let’s break down these travel costs one by one to show you why home exchange is great!

1. Accommodation Costs

Everyone has a certain travel budget in mind when booking a vacation. Some people even have excel sheets that they use as a trip cost calculator to map out their daily spending down to the last penny. Now let me ask you this: while you look over your excel sheets or review your mental lists does it seem logical to pay astronomical amounts for your accommodations?

Maybe I need to frame this question a little differently. Does it make sense to pay 3 times the market price to rent an apartment or buy a house? Obviously not; so why do we all think it is okay to pay $100/night for a hotel room that is about 1/5 of the monthly rate of an apartment in the same city? I should also mention that if you are traveling with your whole family you will need to pay for multiple rooms which will only multiply your nightly costs… unless you all love sharing one hotel room with zero privacy for the duration of your trip.

pexels-photo-271672“The kettle and free water bottle make up for the overpriced room.” – said no one everYes, you can say that hotels come with room service and big comfy beds, but home exchange has other comforts. Which brings me to my next point…

2. Comfort Costs

It would be great if we could just pick up our homes and move them with us as we travel, but this is usually not the case and definitely not cost effective. While many of us do not necessarily need all the comforts of home on our travels we can all admit to wanting a few of our homely amenities when on the move – at least a washing machine would be great!

the-suitcase-811122_1920Don’t worry, the extra baggage fees will only cost you $500. Which is more than what I paid for my washing machine! 🙁Organizing a long trip requires extra clothes and traveling with kids means extra everything. I am sure you have seen those people in the airport lugging their kids’ toys and equipment (i.e. stroller, child seat, etc…) to the check-in counter. Don’t be that person!

Organize a home exchange with a host family that has children and all of the items needed to accommodate your kids. Wouldn’t it be great to walk around the airport with just a carry-on, knowing that as soon as your two pairs of socks are dirty you can just throw them in the washing machine – no matter where you are in the world.

3. Convenience Costs

As we get older and become mature adults we start taking on new responsibilities. We can’t just pick up and leave on a whim! Maybe we have a pet that requires a little special attention, a garden that needs tending or maybe we just don’t feel safe leaving our home for an extended period of time. Now, how convenient would it be if you could find a house sitter to take care of all these things? When you organize a reciprocal exchange you are doing just that: finding a trusted member from our community who will take care of things when you are not around.

pexels-photoYou will be missed, but not forgotten!Just enjoy your trip without guilt nor fear!

4. Location Costs

You know the story: every summer, without fail, people flock to the beach for the sun and waves. The same goes in the winter as people bundle up and hit the slopes en masse. For every season there is a place to go or a thing to see and every season hotel rates and vacation rental prices rise and fall with the coming and going of tourists.

Just because you want to go the beach… dose not mean they want to! A hotel’s location influences its cost but does it make sense to pay these high rates when somewhere in the world there is another family looking to stay where you live?

5. Culture and Experience Costs

It’s hard to put a price on cultural discoveries and new experiences. This is why you should be expanding these expenditures, not cutting them out of your trip. Choosing to travel using home exchange is a choice to get more out of your vacation. When you save 30% of your budget, that would have went towards a hotel, you are liberating your travel budget to enjoy more dining experiences, tourist attractions, local activities and more cultural immersions.

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