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It’s almost Easter holidays and hopefully many of you may have an exciting new home exchange with HomeExchange on the horizon! Before some of you begin planning the finer details of your upcoming vacation, we have decided to offer a helping hand and make your lives a bit easier. We are introducing you to 5 travel apps that were created to cater to your every need and will provide for a stress free and totally relaxing break!

So here’s the 5 travel apps we have chosen…

Packing Pro

PackingPro, packing when travelling, vacation packing

Packing is never an enjoyable part of travelling for anyone, but these decisions don’t need to be as difficult and stressful as they seem! With the PackingPro app, enter in where you’re going, for how long, and voilà – a list of suggested items that may be required for your trip will be generated! Then you can be rid of the hassle and start to enjoy and look forward to the holidays!


worldmate, travelling, itinerary, personal travel assistant

The Worldmate app is a great replacement for a personal assistant! All you have to do is enter your various information details (such as flight/ hotel bookings, restaurant reservations and tickets to events etc) and the app will produce an organised itinerary which will certainly ease the pressure off you and make for a more relaxed trip. It couldn’t be easier!


pindrop, travelling, GPS

Some people love to be spontaneous when travelling, without doing any prior research on the loacation or planning of the trip and see where the vacation takes them. Should one happen to stumple across something like an interesting building, notable landmark etc, Pin-drop enables you to drop a GPS pin at these specific locations. In addition to this, the app allows you to see what other travellers similar to you have done and experienced before and what they have pin-pointed as being worth the visit!

Google Goggles

googlegoggles, traveling, pictures, photos, landmarks

Part of the fun of travelling is discovering interesting sights and places of interest. However, many people want to know more, or may be unsure of what they are looking at, and if so – this app is just what they need. Point the camera of your smartphone at the building in question and capture it, then Wikipedia will automatically return to you the details and what you need to know. An easy way to become as knowledgeable as the locals!


foursquare, travelling, locations, tips when travelling

Usually the best way to find out good tips about a place that you’re visiting is from people who have been there before you. The FourSquare app does exactly that, enter in where you are and the app will list helpful hints from previous visitors, everything from recommendations at resaurants to a particularly beautiful statue at a church or area in a public garden/ park. You wont seem like a lost and confused tourist with this app!

We hope we have shed some light on how to make your holidays or exchanges more relaxing. Apps are one of the most user friendly and convenient ways of organising your trips and the 5 that we have selected above have offerings in different areas for your arrival and discovery of a new country or city!

Do you know other useful apps that you cannot travel without? Let us know at we’d love to know your thoughts! 🙂

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