Pictures are the most important feature of your listing.

Here a few tips to take fantastic pictures of your home:


  1. Clean up: a room is a lot more appealing if it is clean. Pile up your magazines on the coffee table, pick up clothes off the ground and don’t hesitate to move light furniture out of the way in order to make the room less cluttered and more spacious.

  2. Don’t forget any room: there is nothing more frustrating for your guests than to see that your home has 3 bedrooms, but that you have posted pictures only for 1. Of course, you can skip taking a picture of the toilets…

  3. Bring in some light: try to take photos of each room when there is full daylight. If that is not possible, make sure to turn on ALL the lights in the room.

  4. Find the right angle: take pictures from a point of view slightly lower than normal eyesight (1m20 for instance) to ensure surfaces below look smoother and rooms look bigger. Try and take your pictures from places that will help the rooms look bigger, i.e. corners or from the doorway.

  5. Finally, do not forget to use your best picture as the cover for your listing. To do so, slide that picture to the top of the list.

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