Get in the Halloween spirit with a trip to some of the world’s scariest destinations.

Halloween is not just one-day of costumes and candy-filled bags, but an entire season of fun and fright. We are sure the kids love the candy, but get them in the spooky mood the entire month of October. We got the scoop on the Halloween destinations that offer up the right amount of scary for all ages. 🎃

1. The Home of Dracula

A classic and one of the most well-known monsters of the Halloween season, Dracula’s home country could be an interesting destination for a Halloween weekend break (at least if you live in Europe). Ask anyone if they know who Dracula is or even if they know where he lives, and they will most undoubtedly know the answer. While Dracula may be a fictional character, the hometown mentioned in the Bram Stoker’s novel was not.

If you are picturing Transylvania as a medieval gothic village with a castle surrounded by tiny huts and villagers with pitchforks and torches, you can forget about it, because Transylvania is actually a region in Romania. The castle that is said to be the home of the legendary Dracula is called Bran Castle and it is situated on the border of the regions of Transylvania and Wallachia. Obviously, the famous character did not live in this particular castle or any castle for that matter, but the gothic architecture found throughout the entire country makes for the perfect Halloween setting.

Corvin Castle in Romania

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2. The City of the Dead

Paris, the City of Lights, well-known for the many tourist attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and oh la la…so much more! That doesn’t interest us though, we don’t want lights, we want the darkness! This October, discover the darker side of Paris and visit the many cemeteries or check out the Catacombs.

The Parisian cemeteries are easily reachable by metro and while they are well-known for the many famous buried people, the tombs and gravestones are what peak our interest this time of year. This October, pick a cemetery and take a walk along the cobblestone trails and eerie tombs while the autumn leaves fall from the trees above.

Tombs in Montmartre Cemetary, Paris, France.

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3. The Haunted Castle on the Hill

Sitting high above the city of Edinburgh, Scotland lies the majestic and mysterious Edinburgh Castle (really original name!). What this castle lacks in naming prestige, it makes up for in history, culture, and hauntings! Home to one of the largest paranormal investigations in history, this castle is not for the easily frightened.

One of the oldest places in Scotland, with nearly 1000 years of history, it is only normal that this castle would become residence to some sort of creature beyond the dead. Home to all sorts of royalty, and even used as an army barracks in the 17th century, if walls could talk, these would certainly have our ears.

Nowadays this castle is part of Scottish heritage and is host to a myriad of events, tours, and other activities. You can come and visit, but beware of the ghosts! 👻

The spectacular Great Hall in Edinburgh Castle, Scotland.

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4. The Walking Dead Tour

Zombies have captured our imagination for decades now and with the hundred and maybe even thousands of films about zombies, we can’t seem to get enough. One of the biggest shows on TV, The Walking Dead, which usually airs around Halloween is definitely the show to watch if you are looking for the perfect flick for October.

For those of you looking to take things a step further, and by step, we mean actually walking in the steps of the characters, head on down to Atlanta to see the real-life sets of the TV show. There is nothing scarier than living the scenes you fear most!

The walking dead in the South.

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5. The Witch Trials

Colonial America, where freedom all began (not really!). Visit some areas in New England and it feels as though you step back into the colonial past of America. The small cobblestone streets, the red brick houses, an occasional log cabin, old-style lamp posts, it almost seems too good to be true and it was. 🔥👩

Behind that colonial beauty, lied a darker reality. In the late 1600’s a series of trials began and they commonly resulted in the death penalty of supposed witches. These trials occurred in different places in colonial America, but some of these most famous trials happened in Salem, Massachusetts. Colonial America may have been a time of exultation for a few, but apparently not for everyone.

So if you are looking for a bit of that colonial Halloween witchcraft, head over to Massachusetts and check out Salem or walk the many old graveyards of Boston.

Halloween decorations in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston.

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Don’t be afraid to get out and travel this Halloween! Try trick-or-treating in another city, country or forget about the candy and visit someplace that really gives you goosebumps. These places we mentioned are only just a few of some of the worlds scariest destinations…Happy Halloween! 🎃

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