When is the best time to plan for summertime home exchanges?

Many of our members ask us when is the perfect time to prepare their home exchange for the summer vacations. Our answer is simple: Now is the best time! The sooner you start preparing your exchange the higher are your chances to succeed! Check out our top 5 reasons to start preparing in march your home exchange for this summer!!


Reason #1: Find the perfect home for you and your family

The summer months are among the most prized to go on vacation, whatever region you live in. Therefore, the sooner you start looking, the more available homes you will find! If you are looking for a great place to stay with your family, you should start early in order to have the most perfect vacations!

lucilleIt took a lot of time to Lucille to find her last home exchange. She started looking for it a bit too late (one month before), and was a bit stressed not to find a home. By starting sooner, your make sure that the majority of the houses in your destination are available.

Reason #2: Build trust with your host/guest

Trust is a core value of HomeExchange and home exchange in general. By contacting your next host now, you have the time to get to know him/her and to discuss about your home swap. When you are not in a hurry to find a home, it is much easier to build a climate of trust with your host, and make sure that your home swap is going to be perfect!

Denis first contacted Françoise via his HomeExchange mail box before starting to talk to her on the phone. It was easier to communicate and I have to say that Françoise was much more confident when we started talking on the phone. We even set up a meeting with our families in Paris the day before the start of the home swap!

Reason #3: Save on your transport budget!

By planning your exchange early on, you are able to buy your plane tickets cheaper. Indeed, before the summer vacation, the train and bus tickets skyrocket! Therefore, as soon as your exchange is finalized, we advise you to book your tickets and save even more money.


Barbara increased her number of GuestPoints by hosting a family from New Zealand in her flat in december. She immediatly started to plan her summer home exchange in Spain in order to find the cheapest tickets for her large family.

Reason #4: Complete your profile and earn GuestPoints

Having an attractive and complete profile is a very important point in order to find a home swap. By completing fully your profile, your show that you are involved in the home swap search and are a serious member. We advise you to be as precise as possible in your descriptions and most of all to add beautiful photos of all the rooms of your house. What’s more, by completing your profile your can earn a lot of GuestPoints!
Stefan has been a member of HomeExchange for a few months already. Yet, he only sends invitation requests to fully completed listings, especially those with beautiful photos. “Its a shame when a listing is not complete, I can’t picture myself in the house with my family, and most of the time, I don’t send invitation requests”.

Reason #5: Start earning GuestPoints now

If you go on a non reciprocal exchange this summer, you will need GuestPoints. Easter holidays arrive just in time for you to earn GuestPoints! Welcome a member at your place for the holidays, and with the GuestPouints he’ll give your, find a home exchange wherever you want this summer!

Before using HomeExchange to go on holiday, John hosted twice other members in order to earn GuestPoints. All his home swap were done with GuestPoints, a system that is “very interesing” he says, “especially for short term housing needs”. When you have earned a certain amount of GuestPoints, you can use them at any time to go on a home swap.

Travel with HomeExchange

As always, our team is happy to respond to any of your questions by e-mail at contact@homeexchange.com or on the phone +33 9 67 25 55 68!

See you soon !