Check out these alternative ways of traveling for your next vacation!

The sunny weather has arrived, and we are sure that this is encouraging many of you to start thinking about your summer holiday plans. At HomeExchange, we have decided to detail for you five alternative ways of travelling. A little change from going to travel agents or spending hours online trawling through websites trying to find a suitable hotel – this is aimed to rid you of all of those complications and unnecessary expenses! So let’s go…

1. HomeExchange


We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet here, but we think HomeExchange is pretty awesome! As an alternative type of travel, we can’t think of a better way than by it being free. The virtual currency GuestPoints enables the exchange of homes between members non-reciprocally, as reciprocal exchanges can sometimes be quite tricky to arrange. A concept inspired by trust and the sharing economy, we are sure that there is no better way to spend your holidays than on a free HomeExchange exchange!

2. 38 Hours


38 Hours provides a simplified booking experience, you give them the responsibility of handling everything from flights and hotel bookings to restaurant reservations and required transport arrangements. In addition to this, they publish magazines relating to various cities around the world which act as an in-depth guide to you when on your travels. They provide an insight into the different cities from the local’s perspectives. This website is all about the value and worth of your experience!

3. Rome2rio


If you want to visit a country, a city or somewhere within a city (for example the Eiffel Tower in Paris), Rome2rio will create an itinerary based on the cheapest traveling options for you, to get you directly to your destination. It includes transportation by air, train, coach, ferry etc and will create for you the most efficient route. Ultimately it will save you time, it cuts out having to check multiple websites, and also saves you money as it is proven to provide the best prices for your journey!

4. Bubble Globe


If you’re looking for a unique travel experience, then Bubble Globe is certainly worth a shot. With this website, you can book guided tours, cultural activities, food tours and more with the best tour guides out there – the locals! Begin your search by city, and then select the category you are interested in, from art and culture to food and drink. There is definitely a tour that suits people of all ages and personalities.

5. Paris ZigZag


Are you in love with the amazing city that is Paris and keen to know more about it? Paris ZigZag will give you all the secrets of Paris and beautiful unknown places, along with good tips on favourite bars, restaurants and shops aswel as personal descriptions and facts about the monuments. Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, and this website will allow you to appreciate the finer details! Everything linked to Paris is relevant to Paris ZigZag!

We think that our selection here provides all the required ingredients for an exciting, low cost and fun-filled holiday. We want to know your thoughts, have you used some of these websites? Or have you used others that you think are worthy of a place in our top 5? Let us know at

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Member of the marketing team at HomeExchange, a business student from southern Ireland. Currently living in and loving Paris. Passionate about travelling – to travel is to live!