Food Companies for travelers

Are you traveling to a new country and keen to experience the food and culture from someone with experience? Are you tired after a long week and want to be catered to in the comfort of your own home? Do you often cook extra portions and would you like to share this with an elderly person who cannot cook for themselves? Well, we have all the answers with these four food sharing economy companies!

These four companies are great ways of meeting new people and more importantly – experiencing new cuisine! 🙂

1. EatWith


Founded in 2010, EatWith is a food sharing company which is based on being “an alternative, delicious way for travelers to discover the world”. EatWith is currently based in San Francisco, but they have chefs in over 150 countries around the world. On entering the website, select your city and then choose from a range of chefs, each with varying menu, price and eating experience. Other people can also sign up to each chef’s “event”, and you can share a freshly cooked, original meal while making some new aquintances. Ratings from previous attendees will help with the selection and each event offers a unique experience which makes it quite difficult to choose between them!

2. VizEat

GuestToGuest, Sharing Economy, VizEatThe VizEat concept is all about sexperiencing food and culture from the inside. Check out their website, and once you have selected your city (they are currently operating in many European cities), choose the event, menu and price, that you would like to experience and begin contact with the host. There is a wide range of hosts to choose from in each city, therefore easy to find someone that will suit your wants and needs. You can also filter your searches, making it easier to find the best option for you!

3. Kitchensurfing

GuestToGuest, Sharing Economy, KitchenSurfingKitchensurfing is based in the USA at the moment, in select cities, but are sure to experience growth in coming years as the company present an interesting and new concept to food sharing. The service costs $25 and involves a personal chef who will come to your home, cook you and your guests a fresh meal, tidy up after themselves and all in 30 minutes! Those who are interested can choose from a rotating selection of chef designed menus which are available Monday – Friday, change daily, and always include one meat, one fish and one vegetarian dish. The service also offers advanced packages such as cocktail parties and multi-course dinners. After a long and stressful day at the office – this sounds great to us!

4. Casserole Club

casserole-clubCasserole Club currently exists in some areas of the UK and Australia, and it is based on the premise that many of the older population are lonely and cannot cook for themselves. The service links these older people up with neighbours who live closeby and are willing to drop over an extra portion of whatever they have cooked for their dinner. There is a safeguarding process when any chef signs up and the site reports that over half of the parings that originate on the website have relationships outside too!

We hope you enjoyed reading and are feeling motivated to give one of these new concepts a shot! What can be better than good food with people who are experienced cooks and also motivated to share! 🙂

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