Our list of haunted houses includes a few interesting places. These homes may not be haunted, but their history, location, or design might lead you to believe otherwise. 👻🏠👻

These “haunted homes” are probably not haunted, but they are interesting and would make for the perfect Halloween setting. Look at each home and imagine the scene:

It’s a Halloween night and the full moon hangs brightly in the night sky. The moon is a welcomed friend as it lights your path, but as you begin to walk you see giant menacing shadows that dance along the walls. One shadow is moving in a different pattern than the others, it’s getting closer! What is it? Where is it? The shadow creature dashes and leaps in your direction, you follow the movement, but just as it lands…DARKNESS! The white glowing clouds of night cover the moon and you lose all visibility. What now? – Keep this in your mind as you check out…

Our list of haunted amazing houses from around the world:

1. The Factory Loft

Sanxenxo, Spain


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2. The Chapel Home

Snailbeach, UK


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3. The UFO Home

Castlebaldwin, Ireland


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4. The Eco Home of Straw

Saint Dogmaels, United Kingdom


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5. The Monastery Home

Lugnano in Tevernia, Italy


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6. The Cabin

Salvan, Switzerland


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7. The Serrano Style Home

Avila, Spain


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8. The Church Home

Dunbog, UK


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9. The Manor

Bougival, France


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10. The Brick Home

Tongeren, Belgium


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11. The Stone Mansion

Saint-Briac-sur-Mer, France


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12. The Medieval Home

Dordogne, France


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13. The Mongolian Tent

Chabeuil, France


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14. The Historic Manor

Duvy, France


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