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I was a little nervous for my first exchange, but it was better than I could have imagined! Since then, I've been recommending the experience to everyone and I can't travel any other way.

Sarah now more than 20 exchanges done in France, US, Barcelona, Bali and more!

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Many members organize local home exchanges in destinations that are just a short drive away.

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Organize as many home exchanges as you like for just $150 per year. Members save around 80% on their annual travel budget.

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The GuestPoints system

Created by HomeExchange to help members organize non-reciprocal exchanges.


GuestPoints make exchanging your home simple and easy. Traditional home exchanges (you come to my home and I go to your home) are no longer the only option. Members can now host someone at their home for GuestPoints and use these points to travel to the destination of their choosing.

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Find a home exchange anywhere in the world! With homes to exchange available in 187 countries, HomeExchange takes you to any of six continents. House exchange with HomeExchange allows you to discover the world in a more authentic way by living like a local in the United States, Ireland, Portugal, or Berlin! Spend less and enjoy more when visiting international capitals or cozy country towns.
Authentic and safe, HomeExchange helps you organize your vacation with ease!